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Digital Commerce is the buying and selling of goods [[#|online]]. Some examples of Digital Commerce are, Ebay, [[#|Craigs list]], and/or [[#|online stores]]. Currently we are having to [[#|deal]] with the fact that a large share of [[#|market]] economy is being done electronically. The internet now gives us the [[#|opportunity]] to purchas a wide variety of products, such as cars, [[#|food]], clothes, and toys, although Digital Commerce is beginning to be a problem as illegal things are being sold online and this makes Digital Commerce something to think about. We need to make people aware, especially young students, of the illegal things that are being sold on the internet. Digital Commerce can be useful but it can be dangerous at the same time. Digital commerce is getting out of hand every 5 minutes people buy something using digital commerce. Everyday digital commerce is getting higher and higher more people by stuff or [[#|sell stuff online]]. You should limit your digital commerce before all your money is gone.

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Digital Commerce: The buying and selling of goods online.