Digital Commerce Definition:

Selling and buying of product through electronic devices to make the transation quicker and easier than travling to a store or type of buisness.

Real Life Examples:

Teens and adults use digital commerce everyday. Now a days shopping online is getting vary popular. Most teens now have ipods, iphones, ipads, or other smart phones, and on these devices there are stores like itunes. When you use stores like itunes, ebay, and amazon you are buying products online, and when you do that it is called digital commerce. Also selling products on websites such as ebay and amazon is called digital commerce too, because digital commerce is the buying and selling of products online.


Below are some links to videos that you can watch to learn more about digital commerce.

Suggestions on buying and selling online/ video commerce

I think that being able to buy and sell products online can be a really great thing but it has some disadvantages. People can sell anything and you should make sure that it is not a ripoff. Also dont give out and personal info because that is just never a good idea, because you dont want people knowing your adress or license plate number. It is alway good to communicate with the seller so you can examin the product before buying it. But it also has it's advantages, it is fast and easy. And if you need the money its good because items can baught in a matter of minutes.