Digital Etiquette

Digital Etiquette- A set of rules you follow in order to make the internet better for you and others Digital etiquette is key
It also means netiquette
external image netiquette-logo.jpgGood digital etiquette is a way to put on "The Golden Rule"
external image 3312491.jpg?201 Don't be mean and bully other people online!
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Digital etiquette makes you and ohers happy
external image cyber_bully.pngFocus on the words you write and how you write them or somone could get hurt!
external image netiquette-a-students-guide-to-digital-etiquette-digital-and-information-literacy.jpgBad digital etiquette can result in severe legal punishment
Some peolpe abuse the poweer of facebook and twitter and say things to people that are

mean and hurtful

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