Digital health and awareness is helping to keep teenagers from danger of physical and psychological harm.

Some bad habits that people tend to do is sitting with a hunch back or slouching in their seat. Then while standing you have an uneven weight on the legs which can add up and cause a permanent.

Bad posture can also let you know of serious condition, such as scoliosis which is when you have an abnormal spinal curve. Scoliosis can happen at birth, or it may develop over time. Scoliosis is known to be very painful because it causes misalignment.


​During the week you should only be on the computer anywhere from none to 4 hours because of the screens

6 ways to solve problems that have came up:
1. new keyboards that prevent arthritis

2. ways of sitting and helping posture and sitting ways

3. new seats designed to help the back while sitting on the computer.

4. having your arms in the right position while using the keyboard.

5. Make sure your neck is straight while sitting because it can strain your neck and cause severe pain.

6. Make sure you are arms length away from the computer

7. DON'T FORGET TO BLINK. Not blinking can cause dried eyes which can cause uncomfortable blurry visions.

Signs of internet Addictions!

1.) Lying about the amount of time being spent on the computer or about what they were doing on the computer.
2.) Extreme tiredness and changes in sleeping such as getting up early or staying up late to spend even more time on line
3.) Letting your grades slip because you're too worried about games that you've been playing lately or that you want to play.
4.) Withdraw from friends and losing interest in hobbies.
5.) Loss of appetite and bad hygiene.
6.) disobedience and acting out.