Digital Security

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Security is key! Everyone makes passwords that they think no one will ever figure out, but are they secure enough?
Most people use the same passwords for every website or anyplace they log into. Actually, study shows that about 73% of people use the same passwords on more than one website login. A password completes the sign in required field and is meant to keep anything you have personal, personal. But, not all passcodes are secure. Some passwords that people self-generate are ones anybody could figure out, such as your birthday, your name, or anything else about you that wouldn't be hard to find out. A password is meant to be hard to figure out or not likely to be figured out. On many sites today, there are password strength meters to show how strong of a password you have, or don't have. Ways to make passwords stronger are to:
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  • Add numbers
  • Add lower-case and upper-case letters
  • It does not have to make a real word, it can be a combination of random numbers and letters.
To the right is a picture of what a password generator may look like. These generators let you decide how long you want the password to be, if you want capital letters or lower case letter, or both! It also letsyou decide if you want numbers and symbols. The more characters you put in your own password, the more complicated it is to figure out or hack.
Wanna know some ways to make sure you have a strong password? Here is a list:
1.) Include at least 15 characters.
2.) Includes upper and lower-case letters.
3.) Includes numbers.
4.) Includes symbols, such as, ! " ? $ ? % ^ & *.
5.) Do not use previous passwords.
6.) Do not use your name.
7.) Do not use the same password as your login name.
8.) Do not use your friends' names.
9.) Do not use one of you family members' names.
10.) Do not use a dictionary word.
11.) Do not use a common name.
12.) Do not make it a common keyboard pattern, such as, 'qwerty', 'asdfghjkl', or '1234567890.'