What is a wiki?

A wiki is a website that can be created and edited by numerous people. In this case, your class is going to create a wiki about the Nine Elements of Digital Citizenship. There are nine pages which have been created but contain no content. Each group of 2-3 students below has been assigned to work on specific pages.

You can search for information about your assigned elements online, and you can find additional information about your assigned elements here:

Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship: Addressing Appropriate Technology Behavior -- There are "inappropriate" examples for each element.

  • With the students in your group, you need to fill your blank page with attractive and informative content about your assigned elements of digital citizenship.

    YOUR GOAL IS TO EXPLAIN YOUR ELEMENTS SO THAT ALL OF USE UNDERSTAND THEM. Here are some ideas of things you can include on your wiki page:

    1. A definition of your element

    2. Pictures that represent the element. (Be creative with this; what do you think of when you hear the definition?)

    3. Some real life examples of the element: how does it affect students and why does it matter?

    4. One or more appropriate videos (either hyperlinked or embedded).

    5. Your suggestions: how can we encourage teens to take this particular issue seriously?


Digital Citizenship Group Assignments:

  1. Digital Access -- Nick and Regan
  2. Digital Access (2) --Will and Michael
  3. Digital Commerce -- Tori and Luke
  4. Digital Commerce (2) --Keirsten and Greg
  5. Digital Communication -- Will and Michael
  6. Digital Etiquette -- Joe and Gabby
  7. Digital Etiquette (2) --Nick and Regan
  8. Digital Health and Wellness -- Cassie, Nikki, and Sam
  9. Digital Law -- Cole and Devon
  10. Digital Literacy -- Keirsten and Greg
  11. Digital Literacy (2) --Joe and Gabby
  12. Digital Rights and Responsibilities -- Tori and Luke
  13. Digital Security -- Cassie, Nikki, and Sam
  14. Digital Security (2) --Cole and Devon

How do you do it???

  • Go to your page (hyperlinked above).

  • Click on the EDIT button on your page.

  • From there you can

    • type in text -- changing fonts, colors, styles as you wish

    • link to external websites

    • upload files (use this to add images: find an image, download it to your computer, upload it here)

    • add widgets (embed videos, etc.)